Fats Vs Muscles: Understanding the difference

Fats Vs Muscles: Understanding the difference

When you begin your weight loss journey, the first thing that you do is to note your weight since this is the benchmark that you keep to mark your progress.

However, when you start exercising for weight loss, you burn calories, lose fat and build muscle. Ironically, a kg of muscle weighs the same as a kg of fat.

So, how do you measure?

It is important to understand that both fat and muscle are necessary for a healthy body. So in the case of fat vs. muscle there can be no clear winner. It is the balance of the two that really matters.

Technically fat has a greater volume whereas the muscle fibres have a greater density. This means, a kg of muscle takes up less space and looks smaller than a kg of fat. So you may see differences in your body composition, strength and energy, but not on the number on the scale.

Also, fats cannot be converted into muscles. Muscles grow when you put them to work. No exercise, no muscle. On the contrary, they will decrease in size, slowing your metabolism and increasing your fats.

Muscle boosts your metabolism and is therefore important for your body and overall fitness. They burn more calories even while at rest. So, if you have more muscles, you will burn more calories and eventually not accumulate extra fats.

Muscle surrounds the bones and works to strengthen them and reduce the risk of bone injuries.

Another benefit of developing muscles is an improvement in your core strength and balance.

Muscles improve your blood circulation, digestive health and the overall health of all your organs by being continuously engaged in calorie burning activity.

When you understand the difference between muscle mass and fats and work towards balancing the both, what you achieve is a better body definition.

It is only possible when you follow the two-dimensional process of weight loss and fitness – right diet and right physical exercise.

So, follow the diet that is right for you, do regular exercise and focus on overall fitness rather than just the scale.

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