Temporary Weight Loss vs Lifelong Fitness: Choose the right way

December 6, 2020 / balanced meal, diet, fitness tips
Temporary Weight Loss vs Lifelong Fitness: Choose the right way

There are many diet plans prevailing in the market which promises quick weight loss. If things are as simple as they say, why ain’t they successful?

There is one common saying “ Slow and steady, wins the race.” And this holds true for the weight loss process as well.

These fad and crash diets either completely change the way you eat, completely remove certain foods from your diet or make you eat only certain food items repeatedly.

Is this way of losing weight actually safe?

Through this article, we are sharing some insights on temporary weight loss versus the right way of achieving fitness. Because we know there is a difference! Read on to know how!

Temporary weight loss can never be permanently healthy

The fad and crash diets will help you lose weight, but not in a healthy way. These diets do not burn calories or remove fats or sustain a healthy weight in the long run. The number on the scale will decrease, and so will your overall health.

You will lose weight but temporarily. On the contrary, the body may gain weight once your crash diet course is over.

They don’t emphasize on exercising

“Lose weight without exercise.” Isn’t the statement funny in itself?

Primarily, exercise prevents regaining the extra fats that your body burns. The fatty acids in our body are utilized by the muscles, which helps in maintaining healthy body weight.

They are risky for your overall health

Fad or crash diets can cause some serious health issues. These diets can deprive you of the necessary nutrients and can even lead to major heart problems.

If you follow these diets for a longer period of time, your body cycle gets dependent on it for its regular working. When you stop following them, it can lead to health and lifestyle disorders.

It’s dangerous to follow the trend

A diet which worked for your friend may not work for you. Not just that, if it worked on your friend’s body, it can prove to be equally harmful to your body.

And if you are already at a risk for diseases these diets can even make the situation worse.

There are healthier alternatives

There is no quick fix to healthy weight loss. It is important to plan and discuss with experts before taking any diet plan.

There are many alternatives for weight loss plans which are worth the effort. Talk to our experts and see what works for your body.

Remember, it is all about preserving your health, leading a disease-free life and eventually feeling good about yourself.

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