Vegan Diet: Know the benefits and side effects

Vegan Diet: Know the benefits and side effects

Another diet in trend, vegan diet focusses on plant-based foods and beverages and excludes all animal products. Vegan diet has garnered immense popularity in last few years.

Veganism means the completely removing all animal and animal-based foods from your diet. Apparently, if followed correctly, vegan diet can prove to be highly nutritious, effective weight loss diet which can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

However, it is not easy to go 100% vegan even for Indian vegetarians. Besides, there are many nutrients which lack in this plant-based diet like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, fatty acids, iodine etc.

So, it is important to research and understand the pros and cons before shifting to vegan-only diet.

Advantages of vegan diet

  • It aids weight loss
  • It reduces the risks of serious diseases
  • It is environmentally sustainable diet
  • It encourages mindful eating
  • It has more variety of foods

Disadvantages of vegan diet

  • It may lead to nutrient deficiencies
  • It is difficult to dine out with vegan diet
  • It requires dedicated efforts
  • It is difficult to meet the requirement of proteins
  • It can prove to be complicated in following

Bottom line

You cannot expect miracles from vegan diet. It takes its own time to show its benefits according to your body. 

Talk to a nutritionist before shifting to vegan-only diet. They can suggest you to take dietary supplements to avoid any nutritional deficiencies.

Not every diet works for everyone. So everyone needs a diet customised according to their own body requirement. Similarly, following a vegan diet can also go wrong for some individuals.

Besides, any diet that involves eliminating a certain type of foods can be difficult to follow. Think and process!

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