Ayurveda for Immunity and Mental Health

January 20, 2021 / fitness tips, Mental Health
Ayurveda for Immunity and Mental Health

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, strong immunity and good health have been on top of everyone’s list. Since there was no cure for the disease, maintaining a proper healthy and fit lifestyle was the only way to fight against it.

This was the time when centuries-old wisdom of Ayurveda was reintroduced in everyone’s life for strengthening the immunity and avoiding getting sick. And, with clinical trials and research, Ayurveda got a global level recognition in the fight against COVID-19.

What is Ayurveda?

Developed more than 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing methods. In our country, it has been one of the methods of treating various diseases since ancient times. 

The literal meaning of Ayurveda is “knowledge of life”. The concept of this healing method is based on the balance between mind, body, and soul. Although the treatment is intended towards curing specific health issues, the main objective of Ayurveda is to maintain good overall health and well-being.

History of Ayurveda

The historical roots of this alternative medicine system come from the Indian subcontinent which has been recorded to be more than 5,000 years old. If we dig deep into the origin of this holistic healing methodology, Ayurved is believed to come from Dhanvantari, the physician to the gods in Hindu mythology.

Ayurved has its mention in Sanskrit, in the four sacred Vedas: the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sam Veda, and Atharva Veda. The earliest concepts were set out in the portion of the Atharvaveda.

The Vedas are rich in magical practices for the treatment of diseases. It recommends numerous herbs for the treatment of fever (takman), cough, constipation, diarrhoea, dropsy (generalized oedema), seizures, tumours, and skin diseases (including leprosy).

Dhanvantari, who introduced Ayurveda to the world, is today worshipped as the patron God of all branches of medical science. Ayurved was further popularised, taught and handed down generations by his disciples. Among those, Sushruta, the ancient Indian surgeon famous for his pioneering operations and techniques, was foremost.

The rishis were given this knowledge of Ayurveda to make them learn to stay physically and emotionally healthy to pursue their deeper spiritual goals.

Future of Ayurveda

The world’s oldest recorded system of healthcare has influenced many other systems of medicine within and outside India. These include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Siddha, Unani along with various types of massage therapy.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has also reminded the world of the importance of good health and strong and resilient immune systems. While effective and curative medicines are indispensable in fighting such aggressive viruses, the best defence lies within our bodies. And therefore, the world is witnessing a rebirth of this ancient system of health promotion, disease prevention and treatment.

Besides, people outside of India are also showing interest in the resurgence of indigenous knowledge that has transformative potential to heal mental and physical ailments.

Overall, Ayurveda has great potential to be revived for modern applications all over the world, particularly if more research is done on it.

Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda offers extensive therapies and remedies for the young, old, sick, healthy, and everyone in between. Some of the primary benefits that the consistent use of Ayurveda offer are:

Preventive Care – The best way to combat disease is to stay well in the first place. By adapting the diets and lifestyles according to the body’s unique constitutions, helps in maintaining good health and staying disease-free.

Improved Quality of Life – Ayurveda is a choice of lifestyle, which when adopted in its entirety, brings a wave of general well-being to your daily life. Exercising, having an active lifestyle, adequate sun exposure, appropriate treatments and emotional well-being helps to cleanse the mind and spirit.

Stress-Free Life – With the right diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda alleviates stress. Waking up early before the sun rises is said to provide peace of mind. Meditation helps you stay relaxed and reduces stress hormones. Having herbal beverages that have stress-reducing properties will keep the mind calm and reduce anxiety.

Balanced Hormones – Ayurveda helps in keeping the hormones balanced leaving a powerful effect on many of our bodies’ basic processes. From regulating hunger to influencing our reproductive systems, balanced hormones help in keeping the mood, weight and sleeping patterns in check.

Success of Ayurved in dealing with Lifestyle Challenges

While the conventional treatment methods treat specific symptoms with quick results, Ayurveda works on the theory that all disorders, whether physical or mental, result from an imbalance of physical and psychological elements in the body. Therefore, according to ayurvedic practitioners, effective treatment lies only in a holistic approach.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda targeted toward complete physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being makes this science a wonderful option in lifestyle challenges.

Ayurveda for Mental Health

Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to mental health that integrates the mind, body and soul. It has proven to produce significant results as a complementary treatment method in disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD.

This alternative medicine system recommends traditional dietary and lifestyle habits along with yogic exercises and herbal treatment. It offers a complex array of therapeutic techniques and natural medicines to restore balance and harmony.

Ayurveda for Immunity

There are various aspects which cause low immunity in the body including stress, poor mental health, overuse of antibiotics, metabolic disorders, lifestyle (lack of exercise) and poor diet.

According to the science of ayurveda, the body’s overall capacity can be strengthened through good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep, and adequate exercise.

Ayurveda advises consuming pure herbs as well as polyherbal compositions. These immunomodulatory preparations help in enhancing the body’s natural ability to overcome infections. Besides, these drugs are also said to have additional health benefits, such as rejuvenation, anti-stress, promotes intelligence, memory, and cognitive wellness, and promotes vigour, vitality, and positive health.

In nutshell

Ayurveda calls for complete harmony of the body with the elements of nature and the surrounding environment for a stress-free and healthy life. It does not merely deal with medical science but its scope goes much beyond the universe of conventional science.

Your progress toward balance and health is proportional to how well you stick to the guidelines of diet and lifestyle.

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