Healthy Diet and Tips for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

April 20, 2021 / balanced meal, diet, pregnency
Healthy Diet and Tips for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Weight gain after pregnancy is inevitable and natural. However, it also goes away as naturally as it gets put on. One just needs to follow a few healthy lifestyle habits and watch their diet.

Besides, it is recommended to not rush and adopt a gradual approach to weight loss after pregnancy. Always adopt a gradual and effective and reliable post-pregnancy weight loss plan. Losing weight too rapidly after your pregnancy makes your body release toxins into your blood contaminating your breast milk.

Here are a few tips that can help shed those extra kilos and keep you healthy and fit in your motherhood journey.

Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Tips


It is better to keep some time aside from your daily routine for exercise. Besides helping in post-pregnancy weight loss, it also offers various other benefits. Exercise helps in reliving the new mommy stress and pep up the mood.

Stay hydrated

Water boosts your metabolism and helps keep a check on your appetite by making you feel full. The best way to check if you are drinking enough fluid is to keep a watch over the transparency of your urine. Clear urine is an indication that you are drinking an adequate amount of water.


Sleep-deprivation triggers unhealthy lifestyle choices like binge eating and drinking. Besides, insufficient sleep makes your body release the cortisol hormone, which aggravates the hunger pangs.

Keep healthy snacks close at hand

Breastfeeding spikes the appetite and causes hunger pangs. This has to be dealt with healthily by stocking up on healthy snacks instead of junk.

Post-pregnancy Weight Loss


Fibre improves your digestive health. Consuming food rich in soluble fibre keeps your hunger hormones in check making you eat less.


Healthy protein can boost metabolism and bring down calorie intake by decreasing your appetite.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates provide you with energy all around the day, as they take longer to break down.

Unsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats

Do not avoid fats completely to lose weight post-pregnancy. Instead, opt for unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to keep your body healthy and improve cardiac function.


Generally, nine months is the average time to lose the baby weight. However, every woman takes a different amount of time to lose her post-pregnancy weight depending on the diet and activity level.

Along with exercise, eating a healthy diet rich in proteins, carbs and fibre, drinking enough water and getting the much-needed rest is important to get back in shape.

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